Hi! I'm Diem. :)

  • Born and raised in NYC.
  • Anime and video games enthusiast.
  • Every day anime character in real life.
  • Average cosplayer.
  • Foodie.
  • Book worm.
  • Easily amused

I did the approach doing hair colors everyone seems to do because I’m tired of red fading out within a week and I heard purple, blue, and pink fade way too quickly. I would know this by experience. Anyways I went to do only one blonde streak and on top it’s actually orange but you don’t see it well. I’ve also dyed my natural hair to a lighter shade of brown as you see in the second picture and the part that makes me happiest is that they left me hints of red on my hair! :)

Oh and don’t mind my baggy eyes because I’ve been running 3 hours of sleep each night lately.

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